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Holy Family Assam Project

March 2018 - Fr Cyprian has written to thank us for the latest £1,000 donation to the Education Project. He says:

Happy Easter! Blessings of the Risen Lord.
I sincerely thank you and all the parishioners for the love you have showed towards BAH. The boys are keeping well. They have just finished their unit test and they have been for ordination to Margherita where Fr. Andreas is the Parish priest. We thank God for the gift of Fr. Gabriel Kujur, a new priest to the diocese. Crowd was beyond calculation. We two of us Fr. Louis, the rector of BAH and myself were at Margherita to help Fr. Andreas. It was well planned and well executed. The entire parish was involved. We all express our heart felt love for the love you have showed towards us. They are all praying for you all. Every day during their Rosary they have a decade for your intentions.
Fr. Cypri

January 2018 - Thanks, from an Assamese Girl Phulwanti Beg

Phulwanti Beg lives in Fr Andreas's parish and is being helped in studying for a law degree with your prayers and three donors from our two parishes. Her letter of thanks speaks for itself.

"I would like to thank you all for your generosity, loving and cares. With your help I have completed my first year of LLB 3 year course and am now pursuing my 2nd year, exam will start from 21st December, I am doing my level best to do my examinations well. ... may this Christmas bring lots of joy and peace to you all and your families. I always remember you all in my prayers and keep praying for me too."

January 2018 - Letter from Bishop Joseph

Bishop Joseph has sent us his own personal greetings to our parishioners:

Dear friends,
This greeting brings a special wish for you all on CHRISTMAS DAY,
to let you know you're thought of in a warm and loving way.
A wish for every happiness the NEW YEAR can hold in store,
along with all the special things your heart is hoping for.

Bishop Joseph Aind sdb, Dibrugarh

October 2017 - Letter from Fr. Andreas

Fr. Andreas writes to tell us that he celebrates his Jubilee Year this year and will be celebrating this on 31st October at the school. Bishop Joseph will be there and also many parents, parishioners and School Guardians. I am sure that many parishioners will wish to pray for him and to send him good wishes. A means of doing this will be available shortly.
Fr. Andreas also tells us that Phoolwanti, one of the girls whose further education is being supported by a parishioner, has achieved top marks in her first year and is now re-admitted for her second year.
Finally, he says:
" My regards too to all parishioners. Bye!"
Fr. Andreas

August 2017 - Letter from Fr. Cyprian

Good News from Assam This year the BAH students appear for the matric examinations and they all have done well.  All of them have got 1st Division with letter marks. Kindly find the attached copy of their results.  BAH is grateful to all the parishioners and you who have kept encouraging and praying for them.

results certificate Arjit Dhan
results certificate Basil Kerketta
results certificate Jyotish Topno
results certificate Shamir Xalxo

May 2017 - Letter from Fr. Cyprian

Jai Jesu..
I am sorry i was unable to connect to you for some time. I feel bad for my inability to contact you all.. Hope you will forgive me ..
I got involved  with storm hit project in Golaghat, Assam. I was asked by the agency to monitor the work.As many as 371 houses were blown away as per our record. Some five persons died in the storm. Even my house was blown away. My brother in low and his litter daughter of 6 yrs  have to save themselves by remaining under  the bed.  Situation is becoming normal. People got some help from the agency and the govt. I just joined the office after having completed the formalities. 
Last sunday one of our domestic staff met with an accident. all our attention on him these days. he has broken his thigh bone, his hand and face is injured. He has to undergo operation. Kindly keep him in your prayers. 
BAH got new two brothers to look after the boys. they are just new and  getting  used to the BAH. I shall let you know about BAH in  a short time. 
Thank You for your so much interest and involvement in Dibrugarh Diocese. I have no words to express. I remember you all in the Eucharistic celebration every day.  regards 
Fr. Cypri

November 2016 - Letter from Fr. Cyprian

Fr Cyprian has sent us three of the entries in this year's Essay Competition, for which we provided the prize. The boys' aim in life is to become a priest and they each set out their reasons. Bearing in mind that English is not their first language the standard is quite high and the writing would put some of us to shame. A sample is on the notice board and all three essays can be viewed here:-
Essay Jyolish
Essay Kishore
Essay Noas

November 2016 - Letter from Fr. Andreas

Fr Andreas tells us a little of the busy life in his parish in Margherita...

On 15th of this month I had the blessing of a village church. On 13th, there was the celebration of the year of Mercy in Diocese level. We had the Eucharistic procession in Dibrugarh. Though Bishop is not keeping well, he did celebrate the Mass but could not join in the procession. There were nearly 10 thousand people from various parishes. On coming 20th, I will have in my parish with Mass followed by Eucharistic procession in the town. A good number of parishioners are expected. Preparations are going on. From December 8th to 11th, there will be the Bible Convention in Margherita organised by Vincentian fathers here. I am given the charge to organize and see to the smooth running of the program. More than 10 thousand people are expected from the region. Besides these, annual examinations of the school children are going on. Their results will be declared by 10th of December. Along with it, I will have to conduct the coaching classes for matriculation who will be staying in the parish for the parishioners and also, marriage classes for couples to be married and blessed by 1st January 2017. So all these will keep me very busy. Pray for me. Love and regards.
Fr. Andreas

October 2016 - Letter from Fr. Cyprian

Jai Jesu Mr. Fred, and to all the parishioners.
I hope You received the mail which I had sent to you about the performance of the children. At the same time it gives me/ us immense joy to hear from you and specially from the parishioners that they are all keeping well and are praying and promised to support the children. The Boys are keeping well and are preparing for their final / annual examinations. Class IX & X are having their pre-selection test before they appear for their final examination in 2017 february - March. They have just finished their ESSAY and DRAWING Competitions and are displaced on the BAH notice Board, which will soon be sent to you. They are also eagerly waiting for the depvali Festival (the feast of light) to celebrate. Skills in the Service of the Lord (SISOL) is going to be concluded on 14th. Nov 2016 officially. SISOL is a curriculam which includes various comptetions, programmes, sports and games, cultural shows, writings, stage competitions, study etcto make the boys equip for future mission. The boys had lot of programmes during the year which is to be officially concluded before they go home for holidays. Bishop Joseph Aind is recovering from his operation. the operation was successful. he has come back to Bishop's House and taking rest. kindly keep us in your prayers as we are going to conclude the year of Mercy in the diocese level on 12th. & 13th. of November 2016. We are expecting good crowd for the Holy Mass and Eucharistic Procession. I hope to hear more about yourself and the parishioners with latest news.
Regards to all the parishioners. Keeping you all in my prayers.
Jai Jesu
fr. cypri

October 2016 - Letter from Fr. Andreas - 'Praise the Lord for His love endures forever!'

'Praise the Lord for His love endures forever!' This was Fr Andreas's response to the news that, firstly, several parishioners, from both parishes, have agreed to pay the fees for Phoolwanti's university course in Law. And, secondly, that there were sufficient offers to help with the costs of another girl's further education. This news was a great relief to Fr Andreas who says to all parishioners 'Thank you so much for your concern and support for my ministry'. We have also heard from Fr Cyprian who has sent us the latest report from the St Boniface school. 'Thank You so very much for your kind and timely support. Children are all praying for you all during their rosary specially during this month of October and during the Holy Eucharist. Asking your valuable prayers and specially for Bishop who underwent surgery for pacemaker. Presently he is recovering and taking rest at Bishop's House. On 12th. and 13th. of November 2016, we are concluding the Year of Mercy at the diocese level. Prepartion are on. On 13th. November we will have Eucharistic Procession at Dibrugarh town. Kindly remember us in your prayers for the success of the programmes. We shall do the same in our prayers and specially during the procession.'

October 2016 - Letter from Fr. Andreas

Fr. Andreas asks….. "I have taken another venture of educating a girl in Law. Her name is Phoolwanti Nag. She has just completed her graduation. She comes from a poor family. She has no father. She lives with her mother along with 2 younger brothers and a sister. I know, I have taken this risk of helping her. Yet, should there be anybody who could support her for this course which is for 3 full years, I would be happy. The cost for full course would be approximately Rs. 30,000/- per year which amounts to 400 Pounds per year. It's only a request. Please do not feel obliged. Thanking you, Fr. Andreas, Assam India." [ Please speak to Fred Taylor if you feel able to respond in any way]

September 2016 - Letter from Fr. Cyprian

Fr Cyprian writes to say that Fr Tintus Sanga has replaced Fr Boniface. Fr Boniface has gone to set up a new mission in Borhat and asks for our prayers in this new venture. The boys are now back at school and the new toilet block has been completed. He says "I shall keep contacting you with other photos of BAH and other news from Dibrugarh and specially BAH. They are praying for you all. Kindly convey our regards and prayerful wishes to all the parishioners"

September 2016 - Letter from Fr. Andreas - Something Beautiful from Assam

"The other day, Edlina Kerketta, one of the beneficiaries of Peace & Justice, Pensby, had called on me. I was happy to know that she is doing her M.Phil in MSW. I still remember how in 2001 she was picked up from her village and straight away got her admitted in Class VII. Most probably, she was 12 or 13 then. Today, she is doing her research work in Pschyatrics to qualify herself in Social Work. It would not have been possible then, had not you all been there at the back. What she is today and doing is because of your kind and generous support in every way. Like this, Bruno Kachwa, who too has completed his MSW and is employed somewhere. At least 2 of the Boniface Apostolic Home, Dibrugarh, are ordained priests in 2015. Two more will be ordained next year. Nileema Mallar, another girl is presently pursuing her studies in nursing and hopefully she will complete by 2 years time. Isn't it something beautiful to ponder about and thank God for and generous people like you! Thank you, Love & regards Fr. Andreas Assam, India."